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Fiction Writing

A Writer Doesn’t Write

Peek into my creative process in a blog of freewriting exercises and other tactics to avoid avoiding writing.

Contrary to typical childbirth, this sort of thing causes much pain in the beginning and ends in orgasm. —Rick McKinney, on writing

I’ve taken on a variety of specialized roles over the course of my career, but all of them have related to writing in some form or another—enough so that I can claim to have made a living as a professional writer.

While I’ve published hundreds of articles in a variety of trade publications, however, and completed two feature-length screenplays after graduating from film school, fiction writing is one nut I still haven’t really cracked (other than a smattering of published short stories).

But I’m close to finishing my first novel, and though I doubt it will be publishable, maybe the next one will be. So watch this space for updates about future publications.

Selected Fiction

Bigfeet (Cast of Wonders)

Pale Green Pants (in the Dr. Seuss-themed anthology Green Eggs and Horror)

Homecoming (Star Trek: Next Generation fan fiction)