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Travel Writing & Photography

By traveling, you learn not only about the people and places you visit, you learn about yourself. —Rick Steves

Travel is my primary passion, and I could never do as much traveling as I would like (perhaps in retirement?). For me, it checks all of the cultural boxes: history, art, architecture, outdoor recreation, food and drink, scenery… and of course, people.

In a travel blog long ago, I answered the question “why I travel” with this response:

It’s the moments. Those special moments when you find something unexpected, experience something unplanned, do something spontaneous. You may spend a fantastic week someplace faraway, but chances are you’ll return home with one magical moment (or maybe several) emblazoned on your memory for the rest of your life.


I’ve done some professional travel writing, but mostly I just enjoy journaling about my experiences. Read through some of my recent travel blogs.

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Stricklands in Scandinavia (2022)

Spring Break in Italy (2019)

Stricklands in Scotland (2018)

Explore vicariously through my other travels to places afar like Iceland and Honduras, or closer to home like the Black Hills of South Dakota and the red rocks of Sedona.

And then go plan your own trip!